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My Santa Letters

If you are looking for a way to make Christmas 2011 extra special for your child look no further than My Santa Letter. At My Santa Letter you can create fun personalised letters from Santa for the children in your life this Christmas. Whether you would like to send a letter to your child, grandchild or another important child in your life, our letters can help add a touch more magic to the most magical time of the year.

To start creating your Santa Letter is simple. To begin just pick one of our six Santa letters and one of our four festive background designs. To make your letter extra special tell us the name, age and hometown of your child. You can also tell us about something they have achieved this year and what they would most like for Christmas. With this information we will create a personalised Santa Letter that feels like it was written especially for your child.

To praise your child for being especially good this year you can also send a very special Santa certificate. The certificate is signed by Santa and confirms your child is on his Nice List for 2011.

Our letters and certificates are sent directly to the child and arrive in festive envelopes postmarked the North Pole.

If you would like to send a Santa letter or certificate it is never too early to place your order. We do not start sending our Santa mail out until December and so your child’s letter won’t arrive before the Christmas spirit has.

If you have any questions about our letters take a look out our FAQ section.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!